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Customized Aluminium Frame Doors and Glass

Wyndor specializes in supplying aluminium frame doors and glass customized to meet the specific design requirements of customers. They ensure excellent service quality at a fair price, guaranteeing value and durability in every aspect.

Project Supply

Wyndor has been supplying glass and door products for projects of all scales across Malaysia. Their focus on personal customer service and delivering premium-quality, long-lasting products has gained them a strong reputation in the industry. Their products have been installed in numerous households throughout the country.

Machining and Fabrication

With our continuous improvement in machining and fabrication skills, Wyndor constantly introduces innovative products to meet customer needs. We welcome orders from various market segments, including architects, designers, retailers, and household end users. Wyndor aims to be a reliable partner in providing effective solutions.

Factory and

  • Our factory is equipped with the latest machinery and technology to ensure efficient and high-quality production.
  • We employ a skilled and experienced team of technicians and operators who ensure that our machines are running at optimal performance levels at all times.
  • Our factory is regularly maintained to ensure that our machines are in good working condition and that our production processes are running smoothly.

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